V1 Yanmar Loader

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$35.00 per/hour + fuel (minimums apply)
Minimum 2 hrs per half day / Minimum 4 hours per day
Hours are based off Clock hours
This V1 Yanmar Loader is a handy small loader that is suitable for moving things around such as soil, stones and sands and leveling out ground and jobs that are just a bit much to move by hand or that are limited by space or time. It features an overhead canopy to keep you sheltered while you work and is very straight ford to operate. Comes on it's own trailer. 

    • If you bring back our machine dirty we will charge an additional $30.00 cleaning fee
    • If you have arranged with us to bring the loader back to us early the following day, it must be brought back at opening time with a full fuel tank and be clean. Failure to do so may incur additional charges
    • If you require delivery or pickup we will charge a fee each way (we also need notice of this on booking)