Meet The Team

Meet The Staff


Terina is our newest member of staff starting with us in late February 2020. Shes a great operator and brings a wonderful female dynamic to our team. She has a past in customer service and roading and is keen to learn the ropes with us.


Dean is our local friendly viking and has been with us since late October 2019. He has a past in roading and a weath of knowledge operating large machines. He does our deliveries alongside Kerry. Dean is also a talented registered artist and does the many woodcarvings that you see scattered around our yard for sale.


Kyanni is our admin girl and also Dave’s daughter and Mike's wife. She has a background in design and does all our account work, website and facebook updates and many other bits and bobs that are needing to be done.

David (Dave)

Dave is the owner/operator of this fine landscape yard. He’s got a wealth of knowledge and experience from his farming and mining past to draw upon.

Michael (Mike)

Mike is the manager and also Dave’s son in law. He’s worked alongside Dave since near the beginnings of this yard, helping to grow and maintain the business. He knows all the in’s and out’s and has a great eye for detail.


Kerry is our friendly truck driver/yard hand who’s been working for us since May 2016. He does a lot of our deliveries and maintains the trucks, you will also see him round the yard or in the shed doing maintenance to our hire gear.

Steven (Steve)

Steve is our handy yardhand – he does many jobs around the place like the regular maintenance to our hire gear, deliveries and he keeps our yard and gear beautifully clean. Steve has been our yard hand since December 2015 You will often spot him dashing back with his latest haul of lollies from our neighbors The Lolly Shop.


Mark is in charge of keeping all our bin bag products stocked up and also helps with a bit of cleaning. He’s been working with us since early 2017. You will often miss him if you are not an early riser as he’s in first thing and often finished by mid morning.