Yanmar Excavator 5.0 tonne

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Excavator with std Buckets: $60.00 per/hr (clock hours) + refuel (minimums apply)
 Standard buckets include a Tilt Bucket
Optional Add On's...
Ripper Claw Attachment: $5.00 per/hour  $10.00 per/half day  $20.00 per/day
Thumb Bucket Attachment: $5.00 per/hour  $10.00 per/half day  $20.00 per/day
Grab Bucket Attachment: $5.00 per/hour  $10.00 per/half day  $20.00 per/day
Spade Bucket Attachment: No Charge / When Available
Auger Attachment (200/300/400/450/600 bits): $60.00 per/half day  $90.00 per/day 
NOTE: Minimum hire - 2hrs per half day / 4hrs per day
This go-almost-anywhere true zero tail swing excavator works anywhere you can fit the tracks. It features an electronically controlled engine and dramatically evolved hydraulic system. It also comes standard with ECO and Auto-Deceleration modes for even more operational efficiency. This digger comes with standard buckets and tilt bucket. And can either be picked up (if you have a suitable truck to put it in or we can deliver it (for an additional charge).

True Zero Tail Swing, Eco and Auto Deceleration mode, Hydraulic Quick Coupler, Digital Smart Assist Control System, Rubber tracks, FOPS Cabin

    • If you bring back our machine dirty we will charge an additional $30.00 cleaning fee
    • If you have arranged with us to bring the digger back to us early the following day, it must be brought back at opening time with a full fuel tank and be clean. Failure to do so may incur additional charges
    • If you require delivery or pickup we will charge a fee each way (we also need notice of this on booking)

- please see photos for this diggers full specs